​In Less time than a lunch, you can plan your future...​​

In 15 minutes, We can overview the simple math about Investment Advisor Fees, the

actual cost of the Mutual Funds (Expense Ratio) and lastly but most important, the proper investment choices for the 35 year length of the average 401k participant time-line. These 

choices are based around the Simple Index strategies of Warren Buffett.  

The investment expenses described above can total 2 percent or more.  The asset-weighted expense ratio of active funds in 2014 was 0.79 percent, according to Morningstar, compared to 0.20 percent for passive funds.  When added up, nearly $140,000 is lost to high Fees over the lifetime of a worker whose salary starts around $30,000 at age 25, according to analysis by the Center for American Progress, a public policy research organization.​  

It's important to take 58 minutes to watch the Frontline​ program entitled "Retirment Gamble', which goes in-depth over three important factors discussed above.  That video, and our 15 minute discussion should have you realizing that Simple is Best.