A1A 401k is based on 5th Avenue in downtown Indiatlantic FL.  We specialize in marketing exclusively Low Cost Vanguard 401k programs. 

In addition to utilizing the Vanguard 401k platform, 

We promote the Warren Buffett 90/10 Strategy for Long Term growth of the assets under management.

Unlike most firms like JPM, Fidelity or John Hancock, A1A 401k provides a fiduciary relationship with our clients. This is particularily relevant today.  It basically says we make decisions based on Your Best Interest!

Seems simple enough, Right?

Fees have two main elements:


Expense Ratio:  The amount of money charged by Mutual Fund company for operating the Fund.  Most actively managed funds charge around 1%, or 100 basis points.  However, most of Vanguard's passively managed funds have expenses of 5-12 basis points.  That means actively managed funds are 6X the Vanguard fees!   6X as much!!

Investment Advisor Fee:  This is the fee charged by the Investment Advisor for implementing the plan. Most firms charge 1% for this fee.  With A1A 401k, this fee is capped at 50 basis points, half of the cost of most competitors.

Between the Expense Ratio and Advisor Fee, We can save the average 401k program over 1%, or $5,000 per year on a 401k with $500k in assets.  This figure can add up to over $200,000 over the life of the 401k program!

Index Funds are the Future

Vanguard introduced the low cost Index Fund idea in 1975, and have slowly inundated Wall Street and took over the 401k by business by 2015.  Vanguard is also now has the largest Equity Fund, Bond Fund and various segement Index Funds.  The low cost nature of the Index Funds can make considerable difference over an employees tenure at the firm.

The most important thing:  expenses curb growth

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