​ ​​      Low Cost,  Simple               Index based 401k Programs 

        using VANGUARD                                                 

          The Future is Simplicity

Warren Buffett says planning for retirement can be

easier than ordering lunch


Here at A1A 401k, We promote the Strategies of the Warren Buffett, the most celebrated Long-Term investor of the century.  His beliefs are centered around the 90/10 rule of simply coupling Index Equity Funds with short-term treasury bills.  While this strategy is not for everyone, we help guide you using his 

strategy as a basic outline of the 401k Plan.

When Warren Buffett speaks of his 90/10 strategy, he specifically mentions using Vanguard S+P 500 Stock Index Fund as the equity portion of his formula.  The rationale for his choice of Vanguard is centered around it's Ultra-Low fees, which are 75-80% more economical than actively managed funds offered by firms like John Hancock or Fidelity.

A1A 401k sells ONLY Vanguard 401k programs because the Low Fees and simplistic plan. In addition, 

the returns of Index based funds exceed that of expensive Actively Managed funds more than 86% year in-and-out over the past decade.